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Classical Athens And Han China Dbq Essay Format


Justin SwansonSocial Studies 1: Athens & China DBQWhich was more awesome: Classical Athens or Han China? Both of them are famous ancientcivilizations. Classical Athens was a small city-state in Greece, on the Mediterranean Sea. Itwas at its height in the 5


century BCE. Han China, on the other hand, was a large unifiedempire in East Asia. It lasted from 202 B.C. to A.D. 220. How different were these twocivilizations? Three of the many differences were their populations, their art, and their formsof government.First of all, their populations were different. Han China had around 65 million people, and they were spread out over a large territory. Classical Athens only had about 315 thousandpeople, and they lived in and around just one city. The difference in population matteredbecause it affected how important individuals were in the society, and what form of government might work well. A second difference between the cultures was their art. Artists in Classical Athens paintedpictures that focused on individuals. They were usually almost or completely naked, andshown as strong and powerful. Artists in Han China, on the other hand, painted pictures of landscapes, where fully-clothed people were surrounded by nature. The people were only a tiny part of the big picture. This shows how differently the two cultures saw the individual.The Greeks saw the individual as important and powerful, where the Chinese saw nature asmore important than the individual.Yet another difference between the two civilizations was their government structure. Han

China’s form of government was bureaucracy. There were lots of ranks of government

workers, with the emperor at the top, but ordinary people had no say in the government.Classical Athens did it differently. They created a democracy, which is

“rule of the people.”

In their government, everyone had a say. In fact, they were supposed to participate in the

government and criticized if they didn’t. The form of government of each civiliza

 tion made

...Peter C. DBQ Essay 09/12/12 3rd block For many reasons, Han Empire and ClassicalAthens have many differences. As Rudyard Kipling once wrote, Oh, East is east, West is west, And never the twain shall meet Kipling stated the obvious, the Han Empire and ClassicalAthens are completely different (Introduction). However, is it true? Of course these two civilizations have many differences, one is located in the west and the other is located in the east. The two civilizations are different not just for their locations but also population distribution, government, society treatments, and culture. The main difference between the Han Empire and ClassicalAthens is their population distribution. While ClassicalAthens population was total with Environs equal to be 315,000, the Han Empire consisted of 65,000,000 total (documents B & C). The population classification is also different, one is more specific and the other is more general. For instance, the population of Athenswere divided into four sections: free male citizens, free male non-citizens, free females, and slaves, while the Han’s classes are more specific: emperor & appointed officials, educated mandarin bureaucrats, land aristocracy, peasants farmers...

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